Fernando Alonso Wins the Malaysian Grand Prix

For you, Freddie. It is a song about the Mexican Revolution, and not about racing. But it's for you.

You're not a kid anymore. You are now winning races for Ron Dennis. Juan Pablo couldn't make him happy. Perhaps you can.

But the cold beer goes to Lewis Hamilton. The 22 year-old rookie held-off Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen to secure 2nd place. Not only does it keep himself in the World Championship hunt, it puts his team further ahead of Ferrari in the points.

It's a frustrating fact in Formaula One that the contenders for the Championship emerge early and are rarely upset. If a team cannot produce a winner within the first three races, they have no chance at either the Drivers or Constructors Championship. And I'm being liberal. Most experts would say a team is virtually out if it can't score a podium within the first two races.

So we have seen two races, and Ferrari and McClaren have won a race apiece. And McClaren have been more impressive overall in both races. The team that is trailing in 3rd is BMW Sauber. If Nick Heidfeld can't win the next race in Bahrain next week, then this is truly a 2-horse race between Ferrari and McClaren. And it should be a close race through the summer.