Obama Catches-up to Hillary in Fund Raising


When Hillary's campaign threw a fit after David Geffen switched his financial support from her to Obama, there was a reason behind the anger. At the time, Clinton had a far larger war chest than Obama. But Obama was raising money at a faster pace. The Clinton camp could see that Obama was going to catch-up and have a campaign fund of over $100 Million, just like Clinton's.

And just as the Clinton camp expected, Obama's campaign has announced that it is indeed catching-up.

News like this reminds me of a classic line from Goodfellas. Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) is distributing cash from a suitcase after collecting payments from various businesses he and his associates intimidate or control. He hugs a young Henry Hill and exclaims, "It's gonna be a good summer!"

The BBC has a nice roundup of how much was raised by the major candidates. Clinton and Obama outpaced all of the republicans. It seems the MSM has not paid close attention to the impressive fundraising being done by Mitt Romney.