Yankee Fans: Are You Laughing Now?

Seven losses in a row
. They have a Mr. April, but without him, what are the Yankees? In deep trouble, and at the bottom of the AL East. I have tried so hard not to say anything until after this current series is complete on Sunday. I know the Red Sox probably won't sweep the Yankees in the Bronx. However, I feel something needs to be said tonight. The Red Sox have taken Mariano Rivera out of the game in the top of the 9th inning. He is yet to save a game this season.

Of course the Yankees will not stay in the cellar all season. But I am saying it now: they are not going to win the AL East.

Julio Lugo was the man of the game with a single, double, and home run. And he was el hombre. And Michael Kay had no choice but to stop his tangents about the Red Sox' weaknesses, and focus on the Yankees' problems. I have to give him credit. After the 6th inning, he shut up about how inferior Boston is. Maybe he checked the standings and realized he's the biggest asshole in sports broadcasting. Nahhhhh. His mouth will be back tomorrow at 4pm.

Can tonight get any better? Oh yes it can.

As my buddy predicted, the Mets lost. That's too bad. I like those guys.