Weekend Plans: Going to the Movies

Apparently the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie parodies the classic intermission reel above. That might be worth a look. But isn't the point of ATHF to get stoned at home? I am a huge Mooninites fan, I admit.

Anyone going to the movies this weekend? It's going to rain and sleet in the northeast all day Sunday. Hit the multiplex! Hollywood needs your cash America! I'm going to the movies, but its a free Saturday morning screening of Fracture, the new Anthony Hopkins / Ryan Gosling thriller. Hopkins reprises Hannibal Lecter and Gosling will draw hordes of female fans. I'm not excited because the domestic trailer gave away the twist. But it's a free screening. It will get me out of the house, and I can bring a big scone and cafe americano to the theater. I won't complain.

Might I suggest Grindhouse for the rest of you? I am shocked this movie is not doing well. It has everything a sleazy action picture should have. The kids might complain that it doesn't use many CGI effects, but that is the bloody point.