Laura and George Bush's Tax Returns Show: They Are Just Like Us

Yes, you can have a beer with him, all right.

W is a regular joe!

Almost no one in the MSM will tell you that a very distant (14th) cousin of his is the Queen of England.

Almost no one in the MSM will tell you that he is reportedly worth $20 Million (or about the same as John Kerry without his wife).

And of course, no one will remind you that his wealth has depended on his father's name and the saving grace of Saudi investors and members of the Saudi royal family.

At least the MSM will report that the salary of the President of the US is currently $400,000, which was doubled when Clinton left office. (On second thought, do we want Americans to know the worst president ever makes twice what Bill Clinton took home from US taxpayers?).

But other than that, he fucks-up the language, clears brush on his Crawford ranch, drinks beer with Condi while watching college football at Camp David (and one time fell flat on his face doing so), and that makes him just like any other American Idiot. You wanted a President made in your own image, Middle America, and you got him. He's just a little wealthier than you.