GSA Scandals Update: Doan to be Investigated

Image ripped from Crooks and Liars.

Justin Roos of ABC News Blogs reports that
the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has opened an investigation of the alleged Hatch Act violation within the GSA. The OSC is an independent investigative agency that is designed to protect whisleblowers and identify what they call Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP). (Isn't bureaucracy grand?). But what's interesting is that the OSC also looks for violations of the Hatch Act, the very law Ms. Lauita A Doan is suspected to have broken this past January. Doan's office is cooperating. I can only hope this eventually gets escalated to the DOJ.

A lot of dots are being connected by investigative journalists and members of of Waxman's committee, showing that the Hatch Act may have been violated throughout Bush's presidency, and they weren't just honest mistakes. According to Justin Ross, some of the violations are explained in a book from last year, One Party Country, by Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten. According to their investigation, the White House political office has presented GOP party strategy within several agencies, not just the GSA. As Henry Waxman suspected, this might be a pattern. Arrogance and hubris are no excuse for not knowing about the Hatch Act.

I am speculating here, but based on what I have read so far, there are fundamental laws which the GSA needs to follow in its processes, such as Federal Contract Compliance (probably their most critical), the Patriot Act, the No FEAR Act (whistleblower protection), the Freedom of Information Act, and the Hatch Act, to name a few.