How do You Spell P-E-R-J-U-R-Y ?

Following-up on yesterday's hearing from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, it is clear that a US Attorney would have an easy time convicting Lurita A. Doan for up to three offenses:

1. Violation of the Hatch Act. She permitted a Republican political strategy presentation to be held at GSA headquarters on government time, at the taxpayer's expense. And to make matters worse, those behind the presentation used email servers outside the .gov domain. Apparently, avoidance of email use is the new MO among White House staff. On Wall Street, such covert communication is illegal, and would spark an investigation by the SEC.

2. Willful approval of an IT service contract rife with pricing errors and discounts that were promised but never given. The 2006-2009 contract with Sun Microsystems will cost the American taxpayers over $20 Million that did not have to be spent. I asume that would fall as a general 'corruption' charge.

3. Perjury. Her blanket denials yesterday are borderline perjury. If she had denied a fact and then attributed an action to someone else (if she wrongly pointed a finger), then a perjury charge would be a slam-dunk.

Henry Waxman just keeps kicking ass. His committee hit one out of the park yesterday. Hopefully, the Inspector General and Department of Justice will perform due dilligence in investigating Ms. Doan.

Many thanks to YouTube user, NancyPelosi, for making these videos pubically available.