Rory Mayberry

Human Trafficking By First Kuwaiti Contracting

That's not a typo. This is fucking incredible. These two whislteblowers, despite their hokey appearance and grammatical errors, speak for themselves.

The US State Department has a lot to explaining to do. And this is yet another scandal to unfold in Bushworld.

Just watch this, especially the second video.

Holy Motherfucker.

Henry Waxman should go on the fucking warpath. And he will.

Rory Mayberry is not a new face to appear before Congress. He blew the whistle on Halliburton's scandalous management of food services for foreign contract laborers in 2005.

And now, he reports that he met Filipino and Indian workers who were being paid as little as $200 per month by First Kuwaiti, and if he blew the whistle then, he would have been thrown out of the Green Zone to face greater physical risks. Sounds like something out of Pol Pot's Cambodia or Argentina 30 years ago. It's scary and real.