A Black Day For The Imperial Game


Seven Pakistanis, including six police and the driver of a bus carrying match officials, were killed in Tuesday's attack on the Sri Lankan team as it was being driven to the Gadaffi Stadium for the third day of a match against Pakistan.
The BBC:
The second Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been called off following the attack on the bus carrying the tourists' team in Lahore.
BBC: Pakistan faces loss of cricket tours
"Cricket in Pakistan is over for some years, I would believe," said former Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Nawaz.
The Independent: Sri Lankan cricketers wounded in Pakistan attack
Former England cricketer Dominic Cork, who was also caught up in the attacks, called for international cricket to boycott Pakistan.

Cork, who was working as a commentator for Pakistan TV, told Sky News: "I don't think international cricket should return to this country.

"I won't be coming back here while I'm still living, there is no chance."

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Chaos Is On The March

So this is how democracy dies - in two fragile democracies.

In Kenya, the rioting and violence related to the nation's contested election was taken to a new level when a mob torched a church where people tried to escape the chaos. Over 30 civilians, including many children, were killed. The UN ought to join the US and EU in calling for an internationally monitored recount and/or independent investigation of the election.

In Pakistan, the general election scheduled for January 8th, has now been called 'impossible' to hold as scheduled by the nation's election commission. A postponement would almost certainly provoke international criticism and more violence on the streets.