Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: A Great Example Of A Third-Wave Feminist!

She misses being an official member of Generation X by one year, but Michelle Obama is just like Generation X feminists. Simply put, she equates her family with her own ambitions, she equates women with men, she is fearless, and she never plays the victim card.

That's my girl. That's millions of Gen-X women. And that's Michelle Obama. A '21st Century Woman.' Not a perfect speaker. Not a slick CEO. Not a trophy wife either. She's for real. She was herself last night, and addressed the nation as a jury. She delivered an awesome opening statement, which could have equally served as a closing argument.

She is not an 'angry black woman' as the right-wing bloggers and pundits have asserted. She does not hate America, as Karl Rove has slyly suggested. She is quite likable, in fact.