Dunkin' Donuts

Second Veteran Cop Caught Demanding Free Starbucks

Photo by Flickr user, Waves (UK).

What the hell is going on? First, a 15-year veteran angrily demands free coffee in multiple Daytona Beach stores, and is fired. Now, we have a female 15-year veteran who demanded free coffee and baked goods from multiple stores in Chicago, and was suspended after years of alleged intimidation of store employees.

I thought Starbucks was for liberal pussies like me? Can't these cops be happy with 7-Eleven or Dunkin'? So they want the top-shelf shit. Well, I can vouch that Starbucks really is that good. If your drive is to stay awake, 300+ milligrams of caffeine (in the Grande espresso drinks) is quite a boost. The beans might be over-roasted, but man, what a rush.

Stressful job? You betcha'. Dangerous? Sure. Long days? Yup. But Peace Officers, there is no free coffee on-demand or through intimidation. Freebies are discretionary. We little people need to make a living. Most of us don't qualify for overtime.