Chris Matthews

MSNBC: Combating The Crazy

Lawrence O'Donnell restrains himself from flattening a typical right-wing attendee of a congressional town hall meeting,

Chris Matthews interviews a more informed protester, William Kostric, who might be the first man to protest the president while carrying an exposed weapon in many many decades.

Another Astonishing George W. Bush Interview

I think a wise man named Ice Cube once said, "It ain't over motherfuckers." Bush ain't done yet. True, we've had astonishing interview moments from this president. He told Bob Woodward that 'we'll all be dead' by the time history judges him. He told xxx xxx that he had given-up golf in response to the prolonged occupation in Iraq and the higher-than-expected number of US military casualties. But now we have this. It is so revealing, sad, infuriating, and shocking all at once:

Chris Matthews: Joan I'm not sure what the message there is. Is the President saying in retrospect that he would not have invaded and occupied Iraq as a matter of geopolitical policy had there been no weapons of mass destruction? Is he saying that that was the single definitive reason why we went into that country and occupied it? Is that what he's saying?

Salon's Joan Walsh: Yes. It seems like it. Charlie Gibson did follow up with that question Chris and he wouldn't quite answer it. But I just have to say that is the most astonishing, buck passing, self pitying answer I could have imagined. He acts as though the Intelligence agencies where some wholly owned subsidiary of some other administration, rather than his, his responsibility. He acts like people outside the administration agreed when he was responsible for pushing that faulty intelligence, for stove piping it and ignoring everything. That any kind of doubt, any kind of dissent and really cooking the books in terms of the case for WMDs. I mean it's really scandalous how he's distancing himself.

Know Your History

Because obviously Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota does not, and doesn't care. This segment is the most alarming and most significant segment shown on any American news network in weeks if not months. When it aired on Friday, I dropped everything and watched it twice, just to be sure I heard her correctly. She named Michelle Obama, the late Saul Alinsky (a teacher of the young Hillary Clinton), and even Tony Rezko as part of an anti-American fringe that has been advising Senator Obama his whole adult life. That would make Obama anti-American as well, although she did not say that. Thanks to some great questions from Chris Matthews, she went on to say that the news media should conduct a hunt to expose other anti-Americans in US politics. I haven't seen anything this disgusting from a House member since Jean Schmidt called John Murtha a 'coward' on the House floor in 2005. Watch:

The people of Minnesota elected this monster to the House two years ago, and it is up to them to vote her out in 3 weeks. And an online petition asking the House to censure Bachmann has been launched with nearly 20,000 signatures so far.

The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel responded with raw emotion and a proclamation that Obama will win and people like Bachmann will lose. In order to preserve our freedom, they must lose.

I just watched Good Night, And Good Luck for the first time this morning. Obviously something triggered me to get around to watching it. Thank you, Congresswoman Bachmann.

UPDATE, 17:14: The petition to censure Bachmann is now up to 30,000 signatures. Go sign the petition and hope it falls into the hands of a Democrat or Republican with a spine.