Barry Bonds

Barry's Road To Histroy Must End, But It Won't

I don't want any pitcher to give up home run # 755 to Barry Bonds. My 2-cent opinion is please keep walking him - even with the bases loaded. Keep walking Barry. Keep him stuck on # 754 until he has a career-ending injury or retires. That's the solution every team and every pitcher needs to follow.

Actually, I have more than a 2-cent opinion on this. I am furious at the fans in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. They have zero respect or love for the game. They are as bad as Yankee fans. I have been to two of their home games last season, and my sister was at a home game this past spring. With the exception of older fans, who come from other regions or remember the NY Giants, the San Francisco fans do not pay attention to what's going on in the field, unless Barry is at bat. They munch on some of the best ballpark food in the USA.

They have the best club section in the majors, with full bars, California rolls, fine local wines (duh), pizza, and great dogs (apparently the SF crowd is not into ice cream as much as we New Englanders are, but their food otherwise rocks). And they are very content to bundle-up in the 50-degree summer weather and much on their upscale food and not be bothered by the game. When I let out a cheer after seeing a bare-handed scoop and throw by David Wright to initiate an exciting double play, a Giants fan turned around in slow-motion and exclaimed, "Gee, someone really likes the Mets." No dumbass, someone really likes baseball.

What is wrong with these people?

San Francisco, you probably don't want to hear this, but you are like George W. Bush when it comes to Barry Bonds. You are all alone, in your bubble, thinking that you have something worthy of respect or glory. You probably think that history will look upon Barry favorably. Please.

Barry has talent. But he is a cheater and a liar.

Steroids don't make you a better hitter, but they make you hit the ball further. Also, steroids don't make you step-up two hat sizes, or step-up three shoe sizes. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does that. Barry has clearly used it. He used to be skinner than me (I am 6'3, 200). Now he makes me look tiny. That wasn't training or simply topical cream steroids. Barry was injecting a lot of stuff. Got it? he cheated.

There should be no hung jury on this one. The jury is in. And the more you praise and cheer for him, San Francisco, the more you look like the stupidest, most naive and blind spots fans on earth.

You have a wonderful ballpark and a great history in the National League. Your franchise had the greatest all-around player ever, Willie Mays. That's something to be extremely proud of. But right now, you really don't deserve baseball. Right now, you are pathetic.

Wherever Barry goes, he is bood by fans who acknowledge the truth. Why do you continue to cheer him? What the hell is wrong with the City on the Bay?