Stay Home, Then

So Chief Justice John Roberts, after his sixth State of the Union Address appearance, has finally rebelled and has declared his intent never to attend one again.  That's great.  It is a little awkward how the Justices attend, but are prohibited from reacting.  But they are not required to attend.  It's optional.  

Who wants to wager that he will be back in the House chamber for the SOTU in 2013 when it will be a Republican or Wingnut president delivering the address?  Easy bet, right?

Being a crybaby when a non-caucasian Democratic president is speaking is just too obvious.  If Roberts is going to cry in public and threaten never to attend a SOTU ever again, he has the luxury of not having any credibility, combined with the fact that right-wingers are hypocritical and have no long-term memories.  So when he does resume attending SOTU addresses for non-Democratic presidents, no one will call him out for it.

Glenn Greenwald has a most awesome response to Roberts' on hypocritical petulance.  So go read it, pronto!