Newcastle Needing Five More Wins This Season

The season is more than half over and Newcastle have just 5 victories in 23 matches. Add 8 drawn matches, and they have 23 points. That's a perfect 1 point per game average and just 2 points above the relegation zone.

By my fuzzy math, they will need another 5 victories or some other combination of wins and draws to equal 15 points between now and their 38th game in May. In other words, they need to maintain their dismal rate of 1 point per game. I base this on last year's table, in which 37 points was the minimum total to safely avoid relegation. If Newcastle can get 38 points this season, they should be OK. I'd be more comfortable with 40 points, bust let's say 38 points is their goal. Considering it is almost February and they have only won 5 times, asking for 5 more victories is not realistic. They need to play hard to get draws and essentially not lose any more games.

15 points needed in 15 games. It's time to worry (again).

Today, they had a chance to earn a point against a very good Manchester City team, but a goal by a former Newcastle star ended that chance. Manchester City 2, Newcastle 1.

And both Joey Barton and Michael Owen suffered fractures in Manchester, further compounding the club's serious problems.

The next game is the biggest of the year. It's the Tyne-Wear derby. Newcastle host Sunderland on Superbowl Sunday. The game will be shown live at Nevada Smiths, at 08:30 (New York Time). It's going to be a Broon Ale breakfast on one of the biggest drinking days in the world.

And boy, we Newcastle fans could use more drinks.