Amateur Hour At Camp McCain

Nicolle Wallace and her boss, McCain national press secretary, Brooke Buchanan get into a testy exchange with three St. Louis television journalists. The first man to speak in the video below is Mike Owens of KSDK (NBC). He is complaining that the McCain staff had requested to look at their video camera shot (angle). It seems that the McCain campaign is concerned with how the Senator looks from certain angles. He has scars, an inflamed left cheek from cancer, and a wounded shoulder that is smaller and lower than the other. In fact, from any angle, you can see the Senator's war and disease-related wounds. When the second journalist in the blue shirt, Charles Jaco (of FOX KTVI) backs-up Mr. Owens, the 36-year-old Wallace claims to have worked in the White House for '7 years.' When pressed for details she replies, "It doesn't matter." It turns out that she worked in the White House as the Communications director from January 2001 through June of 2006. How a 20-something, under-qualified individual acquired such a senior external communications position should be self-explanatory. It's all politics.

Her attitude is apparently shared by her boss, McCain national press secretary, Brooke Buchanan. The video ends with a third journalist, Mike O'Connell of KMOV (CBS), asking Buchanan for her name and the name of her employee, Wallace (hey, two Scottish-Americans...wanna bet they are Scots-Irish like their favorite Senator?). What was Buchanan's initial request for her name? "Why does that matter?"

Indeed. It's amateur hour at Camp McCain.

Got to love how Nicolle Wallace folds her arms defensively while identifying herself. Sorry to put you out, Nicolle. For someone who worked 5.5 years in the White House, you sure don't handle pressure well.