2007 Overdue Post # 2: Goodbye Afla Nose

Just wanted to tip my hat to the short-lived Alfa nose on Subaru automobiles. In a failed effort to give Subaru's a recognizable face, the company hired Andreas Zapatinas as its design head in 2005. Mr. Zapatinas had designed the Alfa 148 hatchback. His admiration of Alfa Romeo led to an inverted Alfa Romeo nose being given to at least five Subarus: the Impreza, R1, B9 Tribeca, and the B9 Scrambler and B11 concept cars. But this past winter, the final batch of Imprezas with the Alfa nose were sold. They were special editions of the Impreza in the UK, the Impreza RB320. That model completed production of the GDx / GGx Impreza (2002-2007).

The nose was hated at first. Later it was loved. And now it is missed.



We haav to pay our respeck.