Congratulations To The New Jersey Giants!

The evil Patriots were taken down in the second half of their 19th game of the 2007 season. The Giants deserve a lot of credit, especially their young players, who seemed to want it more, and fought harder for the victory. And we saw an escape and pass completion for the ages - Eli Manning to David Tyree. Eli Manning escaped a sack Doug Flutie style, and David Tyree caught a ball using one hand and his helmet - something we may never see again. It was incredible.

Expect the Patriots to be in Super Bowl 43. The Colts have nothing on them. And Belichick and the Pats are going to be hungry. But on Sunday, the Giants stopped them. They beat Tom Brady.

I will say one thing - it put a smile on my face to hear Giants fans chanting "Red Sox Suck" and "Boston Sucks" on my subway ride home from Noho. The fact that the Sox stick on their minds is very sweet. They are in for more pain this spring when the Sox take the AL lead again.