Red Sox Notes: Keeping Tabs On Baseball Wingnuts

Guest-blogged by M:

Ozzie Guillen is an idiot.

I know that's not exactly a news flash. I have on a few occasions defended his idiotic comments. I'm prone to do that sometimes.

Sometimes I'll defend idiotic comments because it can be refreshing to at least hear someone say what they think as opposed to speaking via a script or in acceptable meaningless platitudes. Sometimes its nice to hear sombody actually say something when they speak (even if its moronic or offensive) than to speak but not actually say anything.

But this from Ozzie is really...really stupid.
"They swept us this time," he said.
"I swept them in the big one. That's when it counts."

I would have simply rolled my eyes at Ozzie's childish need to recall his teams 2005 success...but its his use of pronouns that really got my attention. Perhaps I'm nitpicking...but note the Red Sox beat "us"...meaning its a team thing when they lose...however in 2005 "I" (meaning Guillen) beat them...when it counts!!!. Well thanks for clearing that up Ozzie. Previously I had thought the reason the 05 Sox got swept in the ALDS was because they were playing a superior mistake. They lost because they were facing a superior man...who deserves ALL the credit (but only a small fraction when his team gives up over 40 runs in four days).

ok...moving on....

Listening to Michael Kay on the YES network was a joy this weekend as well. He was in rare form Friday night after the four hour delay. He was bitching up a storm about how its not fair that the Yankee's have to play after a four hour rain delay...he even questioned whether there was...."an agenda" at work.

One of the most painful aspects of the current Yankee broadcast team is that Jim Kaat (aka the only sane one in the bunch, actually capable of taking his Yankee glasses off to talk intelligently about baseball) is gone...and replaced by Al Leiter. Leiter was my favorite non-Red Sox player for years.

I loved his intensity. I enjoyed his work as a Fox commentator during the 04 ALCS. He brought balance to the Buck/McCarver nonsense. But now he's relegated to being Michael Kay's sidekick...and Mr Kay does kick him quite frequently if Leiter dares to not completely agree with his ascertions....for example that it was criminal the Yankees had to play Friday...Kay obviously forgetting that the Tigers would also have to comply and play the game as well...perhaps he was expecting a forfeit.

However Al did a sneaky trick Friday. He followed Kay's rant with his now customary, "you're 100 percent right Michael"...and then tried to explain why they were actually going to play that night. Basically this is the last time the Yanks would be in Detroit for the year. The weather going forward for the weekend was suspect...meaning to schedule a day night doubleheader could be problematic if it continued to rain over the weekend. And the Yankees most certainly would not want to have to play a doubleheader on Monday the day before they start a series against the Red Sox (who would be well rested with an off day Monday). "agenda"...and that was to make sure the Yanks only played only one game Monday. That and the obvious weather situation made it necessary to get the fucking game in. I found this explanation amusing because 1) I found it completely on the mark 2) despite telling Mr Kay that he was 100% right, he explained why he was in actuality 100% wrong.

Michael Kay continued to complain that it would damn near impossible to get a winning performance out of a 45 year man who had prepaired to play a game at 7:05.

Is that the Tiger's fault too...or part of someone's "agenda"?

Did someone force the Yankees to pay Mr. Clemens 28 million to be in bed by 11? Hmm I wonder...