Leave Coco Alone!

By M:
Can this guy get a break. I didn't see the play last night but I'll just assume he fucked up royally. But I'm getting tired of the BDD's nailing him and then crying about Johnny Damon being gone every time.

from BDD:
Johnny Damon Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Never Hid From Reporters After a Game or Ducked the Tough Questions for Four Years in Boston.

Ok I'll play along. Johnny talked to the media...never had anything even remotely enlightening to say...except that he's an "idiot", but yes he talked to the media. He made the reporters and BDD feel legitimate and cuddly all over.

But let us not forget that Johnny Damon is a Yankee now...and he's a Yankee not because the Yankee's were willing to spend more (which is based more in myth than in reality) but because Scott Boras (and JD by association) is a fucking liar (which to the best of my knowledge Coco is not). During the negotations Boras repeatedly told the Sox that there were teams (as in multiple teams) that were making offers of six year contracts for ridiculous amounts of money (like 15+ per year). The Sox were never willing to go past four. They made an initial offer of around 10million per year (2 million more than the 8mil per year JD was already making) for four years. Now if there were offers for 6 years at 15mil per year than yes the Sox offer would seem low...but the reality is there were NO OTHER OFFERS. The Yanks gave Boras a fortnight to accept their four year 12 million offer. SB and JD knew this was the only other offer out there and to save face they took it.
John Henry asked Boras afterwards why Johnny took an offer for 12mil a year for four when supposedly there six year deals for more $ on the table.
Boras gave a bullshit response about Johnny being attracted to the Yankee mystic and the Sox not having been aggressive enough. Henry naturally was furious feeling rightly that they had they been given the opportunity they could have met (and probably beaten the Yankee offer)...but Boras and Damon never gave him the chance. Damon allowed his ego to be bruised because of the Sox's initial offer (which was just that...an INITIAL offer) and Boras used that to his advantage. Boras's angle was to get someone to switch sides from the Sox to the Yanks or vice versa...to establish a trend where players would actually make that leap. That way as his other clients from both teams hit free agency he'll have set a precedent (that's its no longer taboo to make that direct switch)...and then these two big budget teams can go at it. Breaking that taboo was great for Boras...but it exposed him for the lying piece of shit he is. He negotiated in bad faith. Johnny was just stupid and allowed himself to be manipulated by Boras. I think he really thought the Yanks were his only option and that the Sox didn't love him anymore....which was bullshit.

Now BDD knows this completely. All of the above info is taken from Feeding the Monster by Seth Mnookin...they've posted links to the except on this many times. But whenever Coco makes a mistake or even worse refuses to talk to the media they cry about Damon...as if any of the above is Coco's fault!!!

And what about JD...yeah he hurt the Sox last year. But he's breaking down.
He has to DH most nights. And Coco has made at least a half dozen insane catches this year alone that Damon couldn't make on his best day...never mind the routine stuff (like actually taking the field) Plus look at their #'s. Damon is batting .245 with 5 HR, 36 RBI's and 18 stolen bases. Coco is at .281, 5 HR's, 38 RBI's, and 17 stolen bases. So where's the travesty of not having Damon? If the choices were Coco and Damon of 2003/04 than I could see the point. And Coco is hot as hell right now. To be hitting .281 when I don't think he made contact with the ball until June is pretty impressive. Plus his body actually works.

Damon was one of my favorite players and I hate that he went to the Yanks.
But the circumstances that sent him their were entirely his own. Its not the fault of Coco or the Red Sox front office. So BDD and any other Red Sox fan or reporter that wants to keep throwing JD at Coco should check the facts and then fuck off. And the "tough questions"? Give me a fucking break. Tough questions...more like incessant whining from a bunch of little bitches who couldn't do a lap around the Red Sox locker room without needing medical attention afterwards. Leave Coco alone.