More Checkpoints, Seizures, Searches, and Spying

From an unnamed security bulletin in New York:

...there will be a higher police presence in and around major U.S. cities and various modes of transportation, including rail, air, subway, bridges and tunnels. These security measures have the potential to disrupt normal travel activity; therefore, you should plan your travel accordingly. As always, airline passengers should arrive at the airport with sufficient time for security clearance.

Thanks to the bozo amateurs in the UK, we are one step closer to a police state.

Thanks, bozos. You've made the USA scared. Not bad considering it was done with some cars and propane tanks. You just wanted to spook your own people, but you ended-up spooking the other side of that 'Special Relationship.'

UPDATE, July 3rd: Even the right-wing New York Post has called the would-be bombers, "bozos." It seems I chose the correct adjective. They tried to detonate the propane tanks with cell phones, and failed.