Hacia la Oscuridad - Premiering Tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival

It's the world premiere, in fact. I thought I recognized the city - that's Old Panama City. The director, Jose Antonio Nagret, has personal experience with relatives being kidnapped in Colombia. I suspect this story will not end well, but it looks very well produced, photographed, and edited. The story begins with the son of a banker being kidnapped when he visits his hometown of Bogota from New York. Through flashbacks, we learn about him and his family, and how he came to be in a life & death situation. Meanwhile, his parents in the US arrange for a daring covert operation to rescue him, and we get to know them as well as the officials putting their lives on the line to rescue their son. All collide in the end in what promises to be a thrilling climax. I'm hoping it is the thinking persons action movie it promises to be.