Honda Brings First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car To Market, With Restrictions Of Course

In a major step towards bringing viable, practical fuel cell cars to consumers, Honda will begin leasing their FCX Clarity sedan in some California cities next summer. For $600 per month, a consumer can get an FCX for 24 months, including insurance, and briefly possess a car that produces zero carbon emissions. On a full tank of super-compressed hydrogen gas, the car can run for 270 miles, or the equivalent of 68MPG. Refueling stations produce the hydrogen from natural gas lines, and emit some carbon. But according to Honda, the carbon emissions from refuelling stations is still tiny compared to conventional gasoline producing and delivery operations. Honda is even developing a refueling station that connects to a residential home, provided the home uses natural gas (and the utility approves of all this). Still, this is a major step in the right direction. Drivers who sign-on to this might have to refuel at a dealer or in the next town, but they will have a green technology that trumps any gas/electric hybrid.