Win Number Ten

This was the game the Red Sox should have lost. The Rockies bullpen did a fine job to hold the line for as long as possible. Terry Francona mismanaged his bullpen. And Hideki Okijima gave-up a 3-run home run to Matt Holliday, who finally came alive. But the fears of a Red Sox loss were short-lived, as once again, the bottom of their order saved them and tacked-on five insurance runs. This Red Sox team found a third way to win in as many games, and has won their sixth straight postseason game. I'm going to miss baseball. This World Series is happening way too quickly.

Meanwhile, A-Rod has oped-out of his Yankee contract. This means that the Yankees will lose the controversial cash from the Texas Rangers (some $21 Million I think). Excellent news. The Red Sox are going to be swimming in extra revenue when they wrap-up this championship series. They would have the money for A-Rod, but I hope they don't make a bid for him. We don't need him. He's cursed. The Sox need to spend on their farm, and develop young arms to keep the Yankees behind them for the remainder of this decade.

MLBCS Game 3
Red Sox 10, Rockies 5