Win Number Eleven

Alex Rodriguez is either moving to Anaheim or Boston. Scary. He's out to destroy another club. But his agent, Scott Boras thinks that if A-Rod goes to a big club, gets hits, and keeps his mouth shut, he can be rehabilitated and actually have a fan base love him. Remember the rehabilitation of Richard Nixon? Here comes the resurrection of A-Rod. Anaheim would suit him well. He can be the Reggie Jackson of the next decade.

What the hell am I writing?

The Red Sox won the MLB Championship!! And John Lester barely got the win in Game four! He earned it with a solid performance, and it was sealed with a solo home run by the red-headed Bobby Kielty!

What an amazing comeback for Lester. He's going to be a competent starter in 2008. The Sox have won again, and this winter is going to be spent reviewing and reminiscing this incredible near-perfect season. We had unlikely heroes, incredible highs and lows, and an improbable no-hitter by Clay Buchholz.

This is one of the reasons I created this blog, to capture this incredible season. We knew it was going to be special way back in March. And the Red Sox will put together a team that will go deep into the playoffs for the next 2-3 years. It is the best time ever to be a Red Sox fan. Really.

And the Yankees will fade to the middle of the AL East pack for a while. Not sure how long that will last, but the Yankees are no longer the automatic AL East entry into the playoffs.

Some pundits speculated that once the Red Sox won it all in 2004, we would lose our identity as fans, and have fewer reasons to cheer. That's a narrative that never came to fruition. File that with 'We'll be greeted as liberators,' or 'Kosmo and Webvan are the e-businesses of the future.' Red Sox nation is doing very well in its new era of winning, thank you very much. And when it eventually winds-down and the Sox cool off, just watch how we remain loyal and keep filling Fenway Park. Compare our streak of home sellouts to the numbers for Yankee Stadium in its final year. We stay loyal. Yankee fans stay home and implode. I'm going to love the Joe Girardi era.

MLBCS Game 4
Red Sox 4, Rockies 3